Monday, April 6, 2009

My Coke Rewards

FREE COKE REWARDS (Read Last Paragraph!!)

Drink Coke? Well, don't let your bottle caps go to waste. Redeem them for rewards at Coca Cola lets you change your points for cool stuff, like magazines, mp3's, gift cards, telenovelas, and more! You can also donate your points to different charities. Don't miss out on this refreshing reward! ;)

Please check out my latest post on My Coke Rewards (from 5/23/09): I'm holding my 3rd contest and three winners will receive 13 free points each from me. Contest ends 5/29. Please post comment on the contest post, not this one.


  1. I keep on posting my points and can't get anything in return. Do you not honor these points anymore.

  2. Hi Anonymous! You have to post under the contest blog post (from 4/21), not this one. :) Also, the contest doesn't end until Tuesday, so the winner won't be determined until next Tuesday. Thanks for reading!

  3. I had almost 1500 points and because my daughter didn't post awhile I lost all of them that really sucked

  4. I cannot get into It keeps telling me that I don't have Flash, but I do. I installed it several times and still got the same message. Can you please check the system? I am not the only one. Check out the complaints about the site.

  5. Hi Anonymous, I'm not sure why it's not working, but I tried it and it seemed to be working for me. :-/ Maybe try again?

    1. I am trying to enter the loyalty card
      given to me at the restaurant. I've entered the website the loyalty card says to enter, but I can't find the site on the web. Please advise.

      Restaurant rewards